03 November 2009

Had a Great time @ Great Wall !!

On saturday me and my girls came back from our amazing trip to Beijing.. seminggu mmg tk cukup.. but luckily most of the 'must-visit' places dah cover...walaupun dgn keadaan serba kelam kabut :P weather wise: as per local ppl, it was the best time to visit Beijing as the weather is not so cold + not much raining.. it was autumn, and a lot of wind... except for the last day there was no sun and drizzly....so it was quite cold in the day, and very very very cold at night... masa tu, dok ingat matahari kt malaysia...personally i'd prefer hot weather than the damn-cold weather.. rasa smp ke tulang rusuk...eventhouh i wore winter jacket and wool shawl to cover my face... tinggal nmpk mata ja... hmm...tp tuhan ja yg tau betapa sejuuuuukkkknyaaa...brrrr... on the next day after we left, the temperature drop to almost -2 degree... so yeah, we were lucky! here are the activities that we've done from day 1..

Day 1:
flight delay from 1:20 to 3am.
arrv in tienjin @ 9:30-ish (6+ hrs naik lenguh pungkok dok dlm flight...hihihi)
chg attire and refresh @ airport

ambik bullet-train ke beijing...mmg bullet sungguh speed 350km/h!
smp beijing terus cari makan....jmpa muslim restaurant dkt dgn tienmin sq... pelahap tk ingt sbb lapaq... :P food so-so, tk best sgt...pricey!

tienmin sq...as per our 'guide' everything is new since the olympic game... so a lot of new building structures..nice! forgot to mention...we carry around our BIG luggage everywhere....smp satu hari dok bwk...mcm nk tercabut bahu aku... smp forbidden city terus cari tpt simpan beg...baru lega!

forbidden city : magnificient historical place! huge area with very well taken care of structures... mmg teruja... entrance: 30yuen ja (rm15) but sadly we'd only spent there for a few hours since they close at 5pm :( tk sempat nk tgk garden and bedroom emperor...
took cab to go to our guide's friend hse... ~ 1hr.. finally boleh rest!

Day 2:

Great Wall.. need no further explanation... breath-taking ....great experience! Sejuk bangat!! entrance : 45yuen

Day 3:
Summer palace - actually tpt ni tk la famous sgt tp disebabkan beijing ni ramai sgt penduduk....kt mana2 tpt pun sure ramai org.. this place is similar to golden temple kt bangkok...but golden temple tu lg menarik kot... the buildings are more beautiful.

entrance : 10yuen

again, today kena tahan lapaq, tour guide tk bg mkn... smp ptg tu we were handed to his friend as he has something to do....lady tour guide....her name is maria... cute and super friendly.. kesian dia smp kena amik 2nd half leave... she brought us to an iranian restaurant RUMI.. food=nice! price=not nice! hehe...

right after hat we went to Hutong where the local ppl believe this is the place where urban and rural culture meets.
shopping2...then went to Hard Rock Cafe, couldnt spend much time as it was quite late already. batery camera pulak habis!! damn... sempat la ambik gbq a few snaps...

Day 4:

Xianshan park: Trees with their yellowish, redish leaves were falling down..lovely!

entrance : 10yuen

then went to beijing zoo....and believe it or not we spent only 1 hr over there...eventho it is one of the biggest zoo , we only went to see pandas! nasib baik la entrance murah:10yuen, tgk panda add another 5yuen... 15yuen dlm RM7... :) pandas, they're SO CUTE! tp tkleh pegang la..so kena la p China lg :P

Day 5:

Last day :( kalau ikut plan, this final day is dedicated for shopping, tp byk lg benda tk buat... 1st we went to Niujie mosque, one of the oldest mosque in the world - >1000yrs.. then we went to Muslim street, there're lotsa muslim restaurant over there...! siap ada food court..and we only knew abt this on the last day... then went to russian street 4 shopping.. it started to rain.. with vr strong wind...we went into a mall... tk tgk pun nama mall ni apa.. then we rushed back to train station, coz we've bought the tix earlier...so we need to catch the train... realized that one whole paperbag of tea is lost! down jgk....got emotional ..ya la bkn sng nk mai lg beli teh kt sini...

we decided to chg the ticket to 9pm, selepas merayu kt tour guide nk p tgk olympic stadium...kalau tk melawat ni, mmg tk complete lah journey kami... in search for taxi, berebut taxi and tour guide pun almost got beaten,we rushed to subway, fast n furious...traffic quite bad due to heavy rain.. and org blk ofc.. reached stadium after ~30mins, it was drizzling...luckily, boleh la jgk snap pix.. pastu try p blk russian street to chk whether tea shop still open, planned to buy again the whole same set in the paperbag.. tp tutup :( went back to train station to catch next train since train 9pm pun dh terlepas.... nasib baik ada lg train pkl 1020pm, but tkleh tukar dah tix sinex dah tukar dah earlier, only allowed 1 time chg.. arrv at airport 11ish... seriously laju gila bullet train...by the time we reached the teperature was 5deg!!!! seriously my 1st time to experience that kinda cold weather..

sleep @ airport, tried vr hrd but couldn't coz sgt sejuk n x comfy...

tour guide got mad coz not enuff sleep...

~The End~