21 May 2009

Most undeserved Idol winner of all time...

I haven't saw the result show yet (I will tonite), but getting to know that Kris has won the title this year, piss me off!!! yes, Kris Allen is the American Idol winner this year.. by now, the whole world should already know the fact and I think that he is the most undeserved winner of all time...I mean c'mon, he does not even hit the high notes in the last song that created by Kara and if you see this season's talent, from the starting of the show, you'll be shock in the end, to know that Kris has won it! I thought the show is about SINGING competition….not playing instruments competition….Yes Kris is good at playing his guitar /piano but the voice is terrible! Kris is just a good musician…NOT A SINGER……
I’ve some thoughts what will Adam sounds on cd, with his high pitch/screaming tones but since Danny is not in the final anymore, my vote goes to Adam….and I believe no Idol contestants can beat his performance on the show, ever….and for that, he is a more DESERVED winner after all...I still can’t believe the fact that Kris has WON and even survived till the final!
In 5 yrs time, we’ll see if Kris or Adam or Danny will do better in the real music industry out there!

“…because the show was so pro-Adam all season. You know American voters love an underdog!”
American votes him because he is an underdog for sure….. :P
“Kris says it feels good, "but Adam deserves this."”
Even Kris himself does not think that he deserves it!!

Unbelievable and dumbfounding Idol show facts of all time.. and I feel like I'm going to BANNED the next Idol season, or maybe I'll just watch it for the sake of watching Ryan Seacrest hosting the show, yes he's one Hot man! ;-)

20 May 2009



We live with dreams
They surround our mind,
Controlling our soul,
The reveries that we could find,
It might be our hope,
It might be our goal,
A game of our mind,
A space between reality and fantasy combined,
Just be sure that they won’t rule our life,
Coz’ they’re just the visions of our imaginations,
You can dream your life,
But be sure that someday,
You’ll live up you dreams.

18 May 2009

Self-written poems all compiled :)

My last weekend project was compilation of self-written poems that I've been writing since few years back...I managed to complete typing all 33 poems in 1 whole day...hehe....
So here's one of the created poem in the early days :P

POEM # 2 : Past and Future
(published in Wadah’99 Convent Father Barre yearbook and
listed as a consolation price winner in poetry.com website)

Past is past,
Future is coming towards,
So focus to that part,
And just face forward,
Time wouldn’t turn back around,
It ticks every second,
We couldn’t stop it and it is totally absurd,
We can’t go back to the past,
Just to retrieve mistaken things,
We can look to the future and resurrect some things,
We should control our vision especially,
Coz’ we’re the master of our future and destiny,
Good Luck everybody!

14 May 2009

Escapade @ Monkey Beach

hmm...it's a late entry but yet I still wanna write about my interesting weekend activities last week... went to Monkey Beach near National Park Penang.. Me and my gang (hmm, default was only 3 of us me, Lynn and Nurul) but end up we went with 6 other friends (and then we thought...hmm, ramai jgk kawan kita yang boleh diajak beronggeng kan.. :P ) The day before was Norzie's wedding, 1 of our work collegues, so we met with some old friend who have left Silt few years back....so kalau dah lama tak jmpa apa lagi kan...mesti lah gathering2...i ask my dear to come all the way from kl to join us for the monkey beach plan and he arrived later on that same evening....after i got back from wedding and Tesco to buy stuff that was assigned to me for Monkeybeach preparation...
gathering >> at that nite we went for our dinner @ Anadha Bhawal...the food+ price are ok... patut ramai org kat sana... then some of us, yang stil nak chill out went to Sunset bistro that nite....the place is nice, by the beach.....tp rimas byk drunk ppl...busuk la.....dgn waiter2 depa pun mabuk skali....lepak sekejap je tu pun smp rumah nearly 3am!
ok back to the real topic, monkey beach...we all woke up at 7 am.... wooohhh 4 jam ja tdoq... but that doesn't stop us from enjoying the activities....! ok...we stop here and there....to buy breakfast ice cubes and stuff, smp kat jeti tu dah nearly 10am...hmm, supposedly naik bot tu at 10 am...but who'd thought it would be heavy rain on that morning...so we waited almost an hour and finally got on the boat while it was still drizling...Yeah, it was still raining at that time, and we didn't even wear any life jacket!! wooouuu it was scary....but why i couldn't feel the fear when i was on the boat.... :P skrg bila fikir blk br rs takut, paling takut nurul & syima...i even caught their live action on video....hahaha....we arrived there @ 11-ish.. ms sampai tu pun still drizzling...so smp2 ja fire starters pun beraksi.... ada 3 gentlemen...lepaih api dah start, then 1 of the fire starter jumped into the water....dah tak sabaq sgt2 dah tu since lama tk jmpak laut! hehehe.... other activities such as:
- pasang kemah (last2 kemah ni jadi fitting room...hehe...utk salin bj)
- bakar ikan, sotong, udang....makan!
- unplugged concerto! hehe....ada la a few artist jemputans.... :P
- sand castle (that turned into some sort of contest between me and Zoni...hehehe...finally tktau sapa yg menang)
- mandi mandi mandi! only 2 ppl (me+mydear)dare to jumped in! hehehe...yg lain semua takut kulit rosak...kehkeh...
- jet-skiing! $40 for 15 minutes....yup...it was expensive but fun! sayang tk sempat nak naik banana boat....
- a lot of photo sessions! so here sharing a few pics...
- on the way a few muka ketakutan...:P
- ksham salin baju dlm fitting room
- laurence and azmal as fire starters :P

- first one to jump in....ni lah org yang dah lama tak jumpak laut!! :P
- jet-skiiers :P

mycastle .....


07 May 2009

She had passed away

5th May 2009 , my 1 and only granma had passed away.
She was a great lady
and I love her wholeheartedly..
She was very fond to me,
to each and every one in my big family,
We respect her,
She has been there, always
too it seems,
My memory as a young kid has been filled with fun and memorable experiences,
Thanks TokMak, I'll cherish them with all my heart and soul...
I pray for her to be placed with all the other devoutly religious Muslims and for her afterlife to be as peaceful as it can be..Amin..