24 June 2011

Deadlines --> deadmeat

I just came back from work after 16 suffering hours of just looking at the codes and debug em. I really can't wait to close this project coz I'm getting tired and bored of it by now. Apart from that I've actually learnt a lot during this project coz I developed it from scratch and by referring to other existing automation. So it's an important milestone for me to be in this new co and this new job. Without realizing it has been half year I've been working and living in this used-to-b-my-most-hated city. How time flies. Nothing much I can do so coz im bonded for a few years, all I hope is I'll survive. 1 of my strength that I found out during the strength finder training is 'adaptability', so i guess I'm well adapted to this whole new environment :) well I thank god for that natural skill given to me. 

: the flowchart (ni pn yg tk complete punya..huh) :

07 June 2011

Weekend @ Penang

Last Friday I went back to Penang coz my good friend from SH came down to visit us in MY. I drove back alone on Friday and it was a quick n easy journey as there were not many cars on the NS highway. I entered the highway approximately at 10am and arrived at Juru @ 115pm. Ya, that was FAST! And I wasn't speeding at all. Average speed is only ~120kmh :) My bestie just moved in to her new studio appt at Sea View condo, vr nice and comfy place! Love it. Congrats to her for making the 1st step of living alone @ her own place :)
1st day my bestie brought us to Penang island We had dinner at Straits Quay and then went to the beachside near Naza hotel to hear the wave sound  :) I'm too lazy to type the rest of the activities, so here are some pics. And to summarize em' it was heck of a fun! Im really glad for still being able to spend time with those ppl that I love.

Last day with our good friend from SH, lunch @ Richard's

Surprise belated bday cake and gifts from my bestie, <3 her lots!

Waiting for ferry