03 January 2011

1.1.11 New Year New Me? :)

It has been quite long since I update all the great things that hpn arround me. I guess I will be updating this entry since it is considered as 1 of the important milestone in my life ;)
So, last Saturday marks the first day of year 2011 (Happy New Year!) and it also marks my engagement day *wink* ;) We were lucky Friday was declared as public holiday due to Malaysia won the AFA cup (yay! my AL is saved) so we went back on Thurs night right aftr work, (well actually I was on MC due to a-few-days-dragged fever, I was worried I couldn't recover by Sat, but luckily I did, *relieved* alhamdulillah). So everything went well, thanks to a bunch of important people who has helped me A LOT to make it a smooth event, starting with my loving mom, Aunties (esp Aunty Wan n her kids), and my friends (esp my bestie Nurul Huda as my function planner, from checking on my hantaran preparation, preparing my lunch on that engagement day (she was worried I would be hungry and tak sempat makan, I 'm really thankful I have such a caring n loving friend, thanx a lot darl!) , till sponsoring on my cute cupcake-hantaran (tk sempat ambik gbr..sigh!) Thanks thanks thanks so much is all I can say :)
To those who attended, thanks fr coming and memeriahkan lg majlis hari tu :)