31 July 2012

How to give advice by not hurting people's feeling

If you think you have something in your mind that you want to share with somebody but you don't know the right way to do it,then you might as well shutdaEfUp. Ok that was a short version of what i was thinking earlier. Here's my deeper thought :

I just believe that the approach of giving advice or share something that you think is beneficial to other people varies and it depends on the individuals that you are approaching. I mean some people are simply open minded but some just don't. So you might want to think further on what is the best way to share it with those kinda ppl. The easiest way is get to know the person and learn on his/her character. But there are some ppl that just couldn't understand ppl's character eventho they've known the person for a long period. It's plain >#&% i guess. Ooopps sorry, it slipped.. :P So if this doesn't work and you still want to and need to tell it, i guess the best way is to just summarize the info and let the person know the important part of it and then the most important thing for you to do is don't be judgmental! And avoid provoking people too if they simply do not take your advice or even have a different opinion than you do!
It comes back to the part where YOU (yourself) THINK that it is a good info..and do not think that you are good enough(ego) that you think people should follow your way / your advice. Do not assume that the other person thinks the same as you as individuals are allowed by law to have their own opinion.
Well, that are some that I can think of so far. You know you can always depend on google so here are some useful links:


13 July 2012

Intonation conveys your feeling

Intonation = the rising and falling sounds of the voice when speaking.

Language conveys very specific information, such as how to get somewhere or what someone is doing. It can be also used beyond the exact meaning of the words to indicate how the speaker feels about what he is saying, or how he personally feels at that moment.

Above source--> http://www.5minuteenglish.com/jun12.htm

So make sure you use the correct intonation to avoid other people interpreting what you said wrongly and leads to misunderstanding. I don't know about other people but I think I usually understand the meaning of people's true thoughts to my questions just by listening to his/her intonation when answering. 1 of the strength I have in myself when I did the StrengthFinder test is "empathy" and it means I have a strong sense of understanding people's emotions around me. So yeah, use your intonation correctly if you don't want me to know how you truly feel when you talk to me, otherwise I will know your exact feeling. :)

09 July 2012

Kerja gila di akhir bulan Jun

6th June yg lepas which was Friday, me and hubby went to Kampar for my cousin's solemnization, and we stayed there until Saturday. It was my 1st time being there. Jauh jgk, dah la tk penah p, keluar rumah lambat lak. Asal2 nk convoy skali ngan rombongan pengantin tp we were too behind. Haha. Sbbnya the night before I came back late from office , I think it was 12am+ buat keja ofc yg bangang. We arrived there almost on time, actually it was 10mins sebelum ":Azahir, aku nikahkan dikau...." and sempat la nk tgk muka cuak my cousin and his wife. Hehe, that reminds me of my own big day too...berdebaq rasa mcm nk terkeluaq jantung :D Anyhow, it was only 2 lafaz. Haha...I know couzie, you were nervous. Understood your feeling :) After mkn2 nasi kenduri, we went back to hotel, semua melepek tdoq dlm bilik hotel tk sedaq apa dah. 6is mcm tu, Hooh called me and asked me to accompany her to find food. ishk, minah ni mmg kaki makan. Actually I have went out to find some cakes kt bakery tepi hotel tu, terpaksa la keluar lg skali p jalan kaki ~20mins to KFC. Anyway it was quite fun as we got to see some local shops along the roadside. - rumah2 kedai. Mlm tu ada tahlil and katam quran, but I skipeed coz I didn't bring extra kurung :P Only hubby went there.

The next day, right after checkout, all of us went to Dewan Kampar for the wedding reception sebelah perempuan.And here comes the kerja gila part. It all starts from an idea of going somewhere after kenduri since it was Saturday and we had another day utk meronda. :) We decided to go to Cameron since in the google map it says it would take us about 1 hour and 27 mins from the kenduri spot. But I didn't know we were going to take that crazy-curvy roads for the whole journey. Jenuh dok menahan muntah2. Dah tu byk plk bus/lori yg lalu kt jalan tu, and it was horrible, it took us 2+ hours to arrive. We arrive there around 620pm. And searched for hotel, but non was available. sampai hotel kedai kopi cina pn kami cari, but semuanya FULL. tk sangka pulak bnda nk jd mcm tu. We spent around 2 hours cari kt semua hotel kt Brinchang dan Tanah Rata, and it was a failed mission. Bayangkan, dgn baju kenduri kain sempit, sorg lg dok berbaju melayu dgn kain sampin dok cari hotel. Tk ka mcm org gila kt tgh pekan Cameron. I saw some tourists with their big bags were trying to find place to stay too. Hmm...it was unlucky for us, and finally we decided to go back to KL. Hubby was tired due to driving earlier, so I became the driver. Half way the journey, hubby plk nk muntah and pening teruk sgt, and he fell asleep. Tinggailah aku terkapai2 dok drive tgh2 mlm buta kt jln lengkok2 yg gelap gelita tu. Perghh...mmg pengalaman...and mmg dah serik sangat nk p Cameron tk book hotel dlu. So hgpa yg terbaca post aku ni, toksah la dok buat kerja gila no... At least kalau dh last min pn, call lah dlu hotel mana2 and make sure you've booked somewhere sebelum tekan minyak keta, panjat bukit and smp kt sana lalu terpoyo bila hotel semua dh penuh. Mmg tekanan perasaan weiihhhh......percayalah.  :D