10 April 2011

Hernia repair

Last wednesday, when we were about to have satay kajang for dinner at awan besar RnR, my fiance said he got stomachache and I straight away suspected it was due to his accident last Saturday where he fell off from his bike at PCP. I brought him to panel clinic, to my surprise the doctor was so stupid that he said he cant do anything but only to give him MC. WTH! And Azmal was supposed to bear with the pain and hopefully that the swolen bruise will go away by itself. Come one, the accident was on Saturday, there must be something wrong internally that needed some xray or ultrasound scanning! I asked him to write the referral letter. Then we stopped by at Azmal's house to pick up his clothes and asked him to take a bath before we headed to hospital, because I was 90% sure that he was gonna b admitted. We reached hosp at ~11pm as expected he was admitted right away. I took EL on Thurs and went there at 9am, Azmal was brought to ultrasound room and the to operation theatre at 12 pm. It was a 1 hour operation and he was fully unconscious. The operation was successful, syukur alhamdulillah. He got discharged on Saturday and MC for 2 weeks. Weehoo, great getaway ;) Hopefully he'll recover soon as he is not so much of a person who loves to stay put at home. He even ask me to pick him up for movie just now. Haihh.. Can't say much he is one stubborn guy but I still love him.

:: 1st check up ::

:: Warded . After operation still unconscious ::

:: On the way to operation theater, muka senyum, hati dupdapdupdap.hihi ::