20 January 2012

driving & hujan

Skrg ni kl tgh hujan lebat. probably not so lebat but the wind is so fierce. Payung aku pun hampir melayang td. Basah tk payah ckp la, mmg dh stgh jeans aku basah kuyup. luckily I changed from skirt to jeans ms blk lunch kt rumah td, kalau dak mau tersungkuq dlm lecah hujan td.

Bila hujan & drive selalu ada byk bnda dlm kepala otak aku ni nk proses.

1. Traffic jam

i can skip this part as my current house is just 10mins away from my ofc :D driving of coz, so kalau jam pun maybe la 15 min. hehe. jgn jeles. as u guys know traffic in kl aftr ofc hours ni x sah la kalau x jam kn... when it rains, mau tau la.. double/tripple the normal heavy traffic..same as penang so ive gone thru this when u was working at HW last time, n i commute daily from SP at that time.

2. Jemuran

Baju yg sidai smlm atau td pg dh angkat ka belum. sbb kalau belum mmg sia2 lah usaha membasuh&menyidai tu, kdg2 air hujan ni asidic (nak2 kt industrial area)so kalau dh kena byk mcm kena basuh blk. nasib baik tghari td decided nak ambik b yg sidai tu n jemur kt dlm rumah.

3. Astro

Well known issue to Astro users, kalau hujan turun sangap la dpn TV tu bb Astro hanya tayangkan rancangan 'dot kaler kunin'. So on the way blk td aku ada terpikir jgk mlm ni nk tgk AI season 11, adakah anganku ini akan tercapai kalau dh hujan lebat. Astro sila jgn jd sgt haramJ sbb bil dh naik tp mutu penyiaran tak naik2.. sila improve, dlm hati aku ni mmg dh ada niat nk cancel n move to unifi ja.

4. Nak buka pagar, masuk rumah

Part ni pn aku bole skip this time sbb now kt kl duduk rumah sarang burung aka apartment. ada covered parking yg sambung ngan block rumah. so this is one of he good point staying in appt i guess. well of coz la kalau rumah landed, awning smp ke luar gate n auto gate tu lg champion. utk org yg sederhana mcm aku yg x mampu nk beli landed house kt kl , appt ni pn dh cukup baik lah.

apa lagi ahh..ohh of coz part plg best nk fikir is --> hujan2 ni SYOK utk TIDOQ.. errr tidoq la sgt , kalau barig kt katil time2 mcm ni bkn leh tdoq but end up main iphone. huhuu..

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Cool now I can view /edit my instagram on pc! ngeh3... ;)

17 January 2012

Apam polkadot 2nd trial

Last Friday, my ofcmate hosted a potluck session bersempena coming CNY. Me and hubby decided to bring apam polkadot. hehe... (since it is the only thing that I know how to do right now, ok sa I mentioned earlier, I'm still learning....remember? ) :P

Basically I just followed an online recipe here
We changed something though, we replaced the fresh milk with full cream milk. :P coz fresh milk dh expired.

pengukus + bekas kuih lompang (kasui) itu dipinjam dr MIL :P 

before kukus... note* color purple tu a mixture of blue+red coloring that I have...nsb baik ambik subject lukisan masa sekolah dlu..hehe

ni la apam yg dh dikukus....kali ni dia tk jd telur dinasour sbb kukus dlm bekas lompang, so all came out almost similar size. comeeellllness kan? tp ada lobang2... ermm... mayb due to mixture tepung tu yg tk perfect sgt. its ok we can improvise it next time ;)

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12 January 2012

Food tasting

Semalam right after maghrib we went to Sek13 Sh Alam. Ada food tasting utk my wedding reception. Aunty Rosnah and her girls were the one who arrv there 1st. :) semangat! hehe.. Then came along me, Azmal and his parents. And then Kak Ti, Adib n Aina, Then Makngah together with Uncle Raman and Lisa n her bf came. Finally tuan rumah br smp - nda cik n haizal. They brought the food from Mardi Serdang, whr the food was cooked there. Everything seems delicious except for the dessert which is too sweet. So Overall ok. We arrived at home at around ~12am. Blk trus tdo sbb kenyang sgt :P

11 January 2012

My 1st wordless Wednesday: sibuk tulis, lipat n distribute cards.. Fuhh

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10 January 2012

1st acara masak bersama2

Smlm hubby puasa so he decided to eat home cooked meal, blk rumah dh 630 so korek ja apa dlm fridge n pilih apa yg senang n cpt dmasak :)
So here are the meals that we had last night

- sambal ikan bilis n ubi
- telur masak kicap
- ayam goreng ayamas
- white rice

Ni pun hubby puji sedap (ka sbb nk ambik hati aku sbb ni 1st time masak...) well dear u have to bear with me that I'm still in the learning curve ....mujur la hubby pandai masak so i can depend on him too.. hehe..

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06 January 2012

Our New Beginning

Funny nightmare

I'm writing this entry because I don't want to forget this 1 particular funny story that I've experienced last few nights.  I love and used to sleep alone at nights except when I sleep over at my friend's house or relative's and got no say to have my own private room / bed juz to myself. 

I just got married, 28 days to be exact. It means I now have a roomate and no longer sleeping alone on a bed at nights. My husband snores. Yup I know it's so common among guys, even some girls do have that habit or not too much if I say it's a disease. It's actually being called as medical problem alright, so I am not simply calling it that way. 

On Wednesday night, I tried so hard to go to sleep (because of the snoring sound) and when I was about to sleep soundly I heard my husband screamed out loud " Hahhh...engkauuu...kau...kau...kau..." sambil tunjuk2 jari telunjuk kt atas, and of course I was awaked by the loud screaming, I thought he was dreaming of having a fight with somebody when later on he screamed out loudly "Allahuakbar!!!" Then I thought he must be dreming about going to war. I right away pat him hardly and asked him to istighfar  byk kali "mengucap3x sayang....!" Then he woke up and told me he was dreaming about ghost that was coming down from the bedroom ceiling - in his house at Tmn Perling, Johor.  In that dream he was challenging the ghost to come down to him but when the ghost did, he screamed terrifyingly calling out for Allah. :)  I found it funny and scary at the same time.  (Kalau imagine ja muka dia tgh jerit tu sure nk gelak guling2) And when I looked at my iphone, it shows 3+am, and people always say that it is the time when "makhluk2 halus" ni suka mengacau. My husband kept on looking at our bedroom ceiling while hugging me tight - I dunno whether he got scared even more than me. haha. And I took the opportunity of that silent-snoring-free moment to get back to sleep. :) 

" nightmare (night + mare) is an unpleasant dream that can cause a strong negative emotional response from the mind, typically fear or horror, but also despairanxiety and great sadness. The dream may contain situations of danger, discomfort, psychological or physical terror. Sufferers usually awaken in a state of distress and may be unable to return to sleep for a prolonged period of time" (sumber dari Wikipedia)