22 August 2011

MATTA fair 2011

Ok , crita last week tp br nk post. (Hari ini hari free ok, so plan nk update blog byk2)
Matta fair was held at PWTC last week (12th-14th Aug) and I went there on the last day. Me and Mr Fiance arrived there at around 115pm, and it was about time for zohor prayer. Lepas dah sembahyang we went to the 3rd level of the exhibition (at that time, we thought that it was the 1st level, coz pintu masuk tu mmg kt level tu, and we thought that it was the only level yg ada exhibition tu) we spent our time there almost 3-4 hours (1.5 hours was just listening to some vacation club membership talk, but end up didn't buy it) then when we were about to leave, we saw there was another 2 levels that we didn't explored yet. ishk, rugi je time spend time kt level 3 coz most of the promo at that level are local places. Level 1 & 2 got MORE promos especially for overseas trip and packages. Luckily we went there, and we finally purchased our honeymoon package at Bali which cost about 2K+ excluding the air fare tickets as we need to buy them by ourselves. I have longed for a honeymoon in 1 of the exquisite villas in Bali and my dream came true, well not yet but I'm half way there :) The villa is called Kupu Kupu barong that is located in Ubud, it's not by the beach but it's a heavenly place ( I can tell from the pics in their site) , it's situated in a remote area where you can find peace and get to feel the real nature without any disturbance as it is far away from the hectic city. Ahh...I just can't wait to go there..  :)


Steps to buy a house :)

I'm going to share on my own experience on how i purchased a house. These are what I've done.

1. Done a lot of online search especially through Mudah.my and Iproperty websites.
2. Select the houses that I was interested to view.
3. Print all the related house ads.
4. Call up house agents/owners and set up appointments with them to view the houses. Ask for the rules & regulations of the payment. It may varies from 1 agent to another.
5. Go to new house launchings.
6. Go to property exhibitions.
7. Done some research through online forums and friends.

I finally purchased a new house which is still under construction. Ok for this type of house it's a bit risky. Pls make sure that the developer is a well-known and established and have done big and successful projects. You can always know from their own website and also iproperty site or even forums. Plus for me I decided to buy because I dont have to pay anything until I receive the house key in 2013. Meaning that the developer itself will consume the interest or whatever cost during construction. So it's a bit safe.  And besides that if you purchase a new house, you can save up a lot due to it's 'free' package, eg : legal fees, stamp duty, valuation fees that could sum up to few thousands.

So these are what I've done after I decided to buy the new house.

1. Paid the booking fee.
2. Asked a few banks (the developer panels) to quote their loan package.
3. Choose the best of all the offered packages, as for me I chose Kuwait Fiannce as it offers me the highest BFR(-2.4) and eventho the years for installment is only up to 65 years old, the total ammount paid is lesser than the other banks that offers me the lower BFR and longer period.
4. Waited for S&P from developer and letter of offer from bank.
5. Once S&P is ready, applied from EPF to withdraw the money from account II for downpayment. EPF needs this docs: photocopied of bank statement and IC (front and back)

I have yet to learn how to purchase a second-hand houses. Maybe soon. Insyaallah kalau ada rezeki :)

19 August 2011


I soooo want this!

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