29 November 2012

How to become a well-known person

My work is mainly supporting the automation system in Dallas. Once development is done, I need to test and release at their side, remotely. That's why most of the time I need to work late nights.

Lately I've been trying to complete all the backlogs projects in my long project queue list. 3 passed down projects by my ex-colleagues (cukup tk suka nk kena sambung keja org lain) 2 ADF projects, 1 new ADF project. Most of the projects are in the midst of releasing and near to completion. Do you know what happen to your brain when you have more than 3 projects at a time? If the brain can speak, it will scream. If the brain is a bomb, it will explode. If the brain is a car, it will crash! There was 1 week that I've worked day and night and slept only a few hours just because to commit to !@#$@#% datelines.

I know it does not relate to the post title yet so far. But here is how I became a famous / visible / well-known person in US. Amarika you knows! Well, I know this from the project update session with my boss this evening. This is his exact dialogue:

"Ana, you're now more visible to the Dallas team" ujar boss ku sambil tersengih.

It took me a few minutes to compute and understand the real meaning of the message.

When I finally got it.. "It's good to be a famous person. Even though a famous trouble maker." I laughed and he did too.

Yup I know I've been creating a lot of issues lately that basically ruined the Dallas engineers day. Those issues happened when I was sleeping apparently.

Apart from the joke, I took the courtesy to apologize “I’m sorry, I know it was my bad. I will definitely be more cautious and careful and mindful next time” while trying to flash a heart-melting smile. 

“Issue is a thing but I think your name came up in the project release notification more frequent now, so they recognize you” ok la tu, nk bg sedap hati aku. 

So that’s my story of how I suddenly became a well-known person in my company at US.

Luckily I got a cool boss that could bear with all the trouble I’ve done so far including spilling a whole cup of hot oldtown coffee over my laptop and the only thing that survived was the HDD. And it also happened only recently -___-‘ sorry boss. I am 1 careless person, I knoooowww.