29 May 2011

1kg of liquid detergent = ??? litres of liquid detergent :)

Title tu is topic argument of me n fiance hari sabtu lepas. Punya la dh tkdak bnda lain dh nk argue. Kehkehkeh... Semua sbb p beli dynamo kt cold storage. My fiance claimed that 1l = 1kg, i disagreed right away sbb detergent is not purely water (H2O). Dia kn dh campur zarah2 lain. Cewah scientific argument lah kali ni. My fiance answer is right if we're weighing 1kg of water. (still tak tepat sbb actually 1litre=0.997kg.hehehe) Hehe.. Last2 x dpt jwpn coz it varies based on the liquid density. kena p timbang sendiri 1 litre brp kg. :D so who won this argument? Partially me for not having the answer and denying the fact that 1kg of liquid detergent equal to 1 litre .Hahaha

25 May 2011

Fun Decision Making & Problem Solving training

I've attended several softskill training, and the last one was yesterday (2 days course) and I bet it's the most fun class I've been so far :) The trainer is an ex-marine and he called himself Captain Ariva, he might look serious but he is actually a great stand up comedian, we even asked him to go for next raja lawak audition :D Ok, back to training, basically this course helps us to think on how should we think. Thinking skills, what are importants when making decision. and the power of "CAN" word.

So the first day we had several team activities such as picture below. We were seperated into 6 groups and were asked to create and patent (hehe..) impossible stuff  such as helicopter seat ejector, silent alarm clock, underwater hair dryer and waterproof teabag. Yes it sounds crazy ,all of us cameout with all kind of ideas and below is what our group came up with, maybe we could send this to helicopters company for prototype design. haha..

Team activity : Helicopter seat ejector
We named it ACE HELIJECTOR. Cool heh? :) Anyone interested to try it?

These are some points thatI remembered from the class (captain, if ur reading this I'm sorry i wasn't paying 100% attention so I missed out some important things u might've said..hehe)

1) If you want to be Successful. Fail Faster -> it means the faster u made decision n moved on, the sooner u will fail and b able to correct ur mistake soon as well.
2)  OPV - Other people's view is important as the way other people are seeing things are different from what u see.
3)  Leverage - Use all the things around u to come out with good solutions. Even people.
4)  F.E.A.R - it means false evidence appearing real
5)  Psychology of asking -
  • what (what else.... , what do you mean by ____? ) 
  • how
  • why
6)  Best practice sharing is great , in other word it is called 'copy' :)


Deadlines = S.T.R.E.S.S

Ok, this blogging thing has become once in a month thing , I am really lazy to update it sometimes. I got stuff to say but ending up no mood writing em up here. So what happen currently is that the customers are pushing for project release, although it's not even half way there yet It's really stressful when being pushed for the deadlines, I bet most of us would know this feeling. The original date is a month away, but now they have shorten it to 2 weeks. Sigh. I wish I could complete this project soon enough so that I could celebrate it sooner. It's gonna b the biggest achievement for me here I guess - new automation, I hope I can make it..