20 May 2013

Bihun goreng

Utk 3-4 org

Bhn A - menumis
Cili blend 1.5 sudu besar
Bwg merah 1.5 biji
Bwg putih 2 ulas

Bihun stgh bungkus
Isi ayam
Carrot -1/4 btg
Cili hidup 1 
Sos tomato - 3 sudu besar
Kicap manis dan masin - 1 sudu kecil
Gula - secubit rass
Garam -1 sudu kecil

1. Tumis bahan2 A sm p naik bau 
2. Masukkan  sos tomato , kicap masin dan manis, gula dan garam secukup rs 
3. Masukkan isi ayam & udang
4. Masukkan cili hidup
5. Masukkan batang sawi & carrot
6. Masukkan bihun dan kacau rata
7. Masukkan sawi

03 May 2013

Traveller Travel list

When I was young(er),I used to envy fortunate kids who were able to travel around the world with their parents, especially Disneylands (those time). I can't wait to grow up, become an adult who has a job and able to do that.

I'm a grown up now and my dream came true. :) And I have to thank the Almighty Most Merciful Allah for this life and rezeki. 

Been to the closest country till the other side of the globe, travelling has become my passion. I'm always thrileed to see new culture, new places, new faces and so on. So much things to learn, so many things to see, the experience of travelling to a new place is almost indescribebale by words until you experience it yourself, to be able to see it with your very own eyes so you could describe it with your own words and feel it with your own heart.

Here is a my travel list so far and I am looking forward to venture and 'conquer' more cities and countries in the world. :-) Semoga Allah panjangkan umur dan murahkan rezeki aku, Amin. 

Year Country Town / City / State
2007 *Singapore
2008 Thailand Bangkok
2009 *Singapore
2009 China Beijing
2009 Indonesia Bandung
2010 Australia Melbourne
2011 Thailand Krabi
2012 Indonesia Bali
2013 Japan Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Hokkaido
2013 USA (OJT trip) TX (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio)
CA (Santa Clara, San Jose, San Francisco, LA, Hollywood)
2013 UAE Dubai

Upcoming (insyaallah, semoga murah rezeki :-) )
2014 UK London (visit bro+SIL+kids) , Paris
2014 Saudi Arabia Makkah al Mukarramah (Umrah), Istanbul (Ziarah)
2015 Italy Venice
2016 New Zealand Hobbiton

* I've been to Singapore countless times, it's just that those 2 were considered as a vacation :) Maybe my next trip I should go to USS :)