06 July 2011

How to change a flat tyre (Tayar pancit? no sweats... hehe)

This is the 2nd time it happened after 6 months I live in KL. And  it has never happened to me for the past 4+ yrs since I bought Blackie. Now now, yes KL is a bad place to live in. I hate it but I can't chg the fact that I am now working and living here. BIG SIGH. I wanna share the steps of changing your flat tyre (this is not the demo but the real situation pics :)

1. First of all , of course you need a spare tyre in your car trunk, a jack, and a your tyre screws spanner (in malay it is called spanar)
2. Do as below picture, fit the spanner into the screw and step on the spanner and start loosening the screws  (anti-clockwise)

3. Keep loosen the screws with your hands.

4. As for toyota, you need to put the handle for the jack by yourself (it's seperated). Then use the jack to lift up your car.(twist the handle clockwise).

5. Once it is lifted, put the spare tyre underneath your car, this is a protection step to avoid any accidents if the jack fail to hold your car weight.

6. Take out the screws. Take out the flat tyre and eplace it with the spare tyre. Now the flat tyre chg place with the spare tyre, put it underneath your car.

7. Fit the screws and tighten it with your hands.

7. Now use the spanner to tighten the screws (twist the spanner with your hand clockwise)

8. Take out the tyre underneath your car. Lift down your car using the jack.
9. Again by stepping on the spanner, tighten the screws but it's clockwise this time. And tadaaa... it's done! (now you can smile again as per below picture :D  hero and model yg tak berbayar itu ialah my fiance)

10. Oh, 1 final step, pls check your tyre pressure at the nearest petrol station.

01 July 2011

YOUnity street fest 2011 & Ikea Attack

Last2 Sat (24th June) ada Younity Street Fest kt bwh monorail BB. POH performed that night together with some other bands such as Busco, Altimet (my fiance got free cd...excited gila dia  :P ), Dejavoodoo, Pesawat.. amd couldn't remember of any other bands. We went there at around 7pm coz POH slots was @830pm.  Surya was initially excited coz of the flea market but it turns out to be a boring one. Sian Surya tk dpt shopping on that day :) after the show we went to Pelita dpn KLCC to have our supposedly-dinner.

We attacked IKEA on Sunday and kalau nk ikut yg mengajaknya tu Naz tp dia tk shopping apa2 pn, but org lain yg ngikut plak shopping. Hehe, as for me normally I will spend not less than 100 if I go over there, sbb tu kdg2 malas nk p sbb dh tau akan 'ter'shopping. We planned to get our lunch kt IKEA foodcourt tp sbb ramai sgt n we came in a big grp so susah nk dpt tpt.  Hold kejap mkn till we fin the shopping, lps hbs shopping Naz blikan semua org hotdog & softdrink yg bole refill 99kali, katanya utk lapik perut before 'real' meal. hehe..  Lepas mkn tu je we headed to TGIF to have the real meal, semua pakat sapu seekor lembu(burger lembu) but I had seafood pasta yg tk best. Menyesal tk pekena lembu, ni semua sbb dh kenyang hotdog yg br masuk perut tu. Hehe. but it's good too so that I consumed less fat that day :D kalau tak hilang la lg sekor lembu kt dpn kedai Marche tu. HeHeHe...