08 September 2013

Cuti2 Malaysia - Melaka

Melaka is such a beautiful city I haven't been explored much until recently with my hubs.
It was a last minute plan. Hubs has always been singin "Jom la gi Melaka" all this while, so finally we got the chance to be there.

Actually we went to Johor coz dearest hub had a show on Sat. So we planned to stop by Melaka on the way back to KL , and put a night there. On Sunday morning we headed to Melaka and arrived there just in time for check in.

At about 3ish we went out the hotel to check out the historic Melaka city. We decided to go by foot. Luckily our hotel is situated nearby the tourist attractions and spots such as the Melaka river, Jonker Walk, Hard Rock etc. 

1st we headed to Jonker Walk but only the shops were open, but not the stalls (yet). We got to know from the people there that the stalls start to open at night. But anyhow I managed to grab a few stuffs :-)

Then not knowing where to go, we just follow our foot and found some cool cafes and artsy shops. The best thing is that most of the shops are at the old preserved + restored buildings. Below is 1 of the shops that we stopped by to get our lunch. Look how cool is the ambience. 

At the 13 state coffee sshop.

Random buildings, shops , houses

Then we stopped by Hard Rock cafe.

Then while searching for the famous red-building called Stadthuys we bumped into this cool yellow wall and decided to take some cool pictures, coz we're cool people. 

Stadthuys was under construction and it was closed. SIGH. Next time maybe.

Then we bumped into a London double decker bus. (Don't ask me, I'm not sure how it got in Melaka, maybe the driver was lost and ended up driving to Melaka). So we climbed up the bus of course to the top floor and feeling2 mcm naik bas kt London. It was drizzling so it was a bit cold that day. Mmg rs  la mcm kt London masa musim autumn, hehee..

And then we continue walking and found this lil coffee shop by the river called Halia Inc. The interior design was awesome. See it for yourself.

We were pretty tired with all the walking, so we walked back to our hotel but managed to stop by Jonker Walk 1 more time to see the stalls. :) and also Gee's the famous handmade-clog artist. He was a super duper friendly and nice guy and he immediately became hubby's idol :) 

At Gee's shop

Next Morning after breakfast and checkout, we did an "assam pedas" hunt. We asked some locals, and most of them answered "Kedai Tiga Lima". We managed to find the restaurant and had our lunch there. Hub said my asam pedas tastes better. Haha...tktau la ambik hati or seikhlas hati.

After that, we wanted to stop by at Hang Li Po's Well. We followed Waze instruction but all we found is just Chinese cemetery. Sigh. When I came back and ask my Malaccan friend, he told me that I was already there but did not look at the correct direction. Lain kali la kami p tengok hang punya perigi no hang li po....

Before headed back to KL, we also managed to stop by at Hang Tuah's tomb.

Basically we had fun and definitely wanna go there again. 

Who said we need to go outside of Malaysia for a holiday? Malaysia is such a beautiful country and we should be proud of it! I myself have not explored most of it yet... should probably plan for it soon....