04 June 2013

Summary of my holiday cum work trip

I love to write in here so that I will not forget what I did on my trip. I'm not good at remembering stuff.. Say it's an AGE factor? Nahhh probably too much stuff in my head :D #bigdenial.

Anyway I would like to summarize what I did on my recent working cum jalan2caripasal trip to  the other side of the globe, the furthest I've been so far in my life - United States of Amarikkkaa.. and transit in Dubai.

Of couse the summary only includes fun stuff which does not include work..haha..

Week 1:
1st experience of left-handside driving and Mazda 3!
Went to IMAX theatre to watch Oz -It was Ohzem (awesome)
Went to Outlet Store in Allen. Went a biz crazee.
Weekend :- Dallas Art Gallery & Museum (not a recommended place..haha)

Week 2:
Went to Outlet Store
Weekend :- Dallas Arboretum, Grapevine Mills Outlet

Went to Outlet Store
Weekend :- Drove to San Antonio (~5 hours from Dallas). Stop by at Roundrock Outlet (supposed to stop at San Marco tho!), Went to San Antonio Seaworld. Able to meet up with Shamu the killer whale, super-cute dolphins, sealions, many more.

Final week in Dallas, got lotsa lunch invitations. Some free some are not. haha.
Sat fly to San Francisco

Arrive San Francisco, fetched by my friend Sheilla and her family. They brought us to Stanford Uni, Silicon Valley where we were able to go to Facebook, Google HQ! So mind-blowing!
We pushed off back to their home at San Jose.

Next morning they brought us to SF again. We went to Pier39, TwinPeaks, GoldenGate, ArtGallery. This was the best experience in US so far I guess (besides the outlet..haha)

The next day we just hang around in San Jose, Sheilla brought us to a outlet store closeby.

Next day, we drove to Los Angeles, but we stopped by another outlet which is on the way to LA. It was a pretty big store.

We have prebooked our hotel via Agoda at the Mayfair Historical. We arrived LA at almost midnight.
The next morning, we went to Universal Studios Hollywood. It was super fun, we get to meet up with Mr Optimus Prime, bumblebee and Megatron too :)

The next day, we went to Hollywood again since we have purchased the Citypass to go to the most famous spots in LA. We managed to cover only these 3.

• Starline Tours of Hollywood: 6925 Hollywood Blvd.; Starline box office at Grauman's Chinese Theatre
We got to see celebtrities home and the iconic signs of Beverly Hills and the most famour "Los Angeles" sign on hill.

• Madame Tussauds Hollywood: 6933 Hollywood Blvd.; main box office
We get to take pics with  Hollywood celebs! (wax version tho)

• Dolby Guided Tour: 6801 Hollywood Blvd.; box office (located on level one)
It was the last session so we both get a private tour as no one else were there to join us.
We got to get inside the Academy Awards hall. It was osem.

Supposed to do another one which is :
• Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes Tour: 6708 Hollywood Blvd.; Red Line Tours Center adjacent to the Egyptian Theatre
....but we didn't have enough time. 

Of course we were able to walk on the Walk Of Fame too! :)

Our flight to Dubai was on the next day. We checked out around noon and straight to Staples Centre & Nokia theatre, actually it was pretty close to the hotel. 

There were a lot of people at LAX.
With the strict custom check and some idiots that cut the queue at the ticket counters, we were the last 2 person to board the plane to Dubai! 

We reached Dubai at night and straight away check in our bags foran the next day flight, yes Emirates do that. Thats the only good thing I find about this airline. Other tha that, it was quite a horrible flight experience by Emirates.

After checked in our bags, we bought the train ticket to go to our prebooked hotel.
It was about 20 mins from airport. 
Once we reached it was quite hard to find the hotel as it is not by the roadside, we had to go a few rounds and ask people around to find it. 

The next morning we checked out and went to the most happening place in Dubai - Dubai Mall where 1 of the tallest tower is located at too. - Burj Khalija. 
We didn't went up the tower tho, it was quite expensive and I find nothing interesting to look at around dubai from the top :P  I find Dubai a boring place to be at. It was dusty and hot. And the people are not friendly AT ALL.

We didn't buy anything except some fridge magnets and Starbucks coffee and our lunch (KFC) which was not delicious.

We went out from mall at around 5 pm and back to the hotel to pick our bags, then we went to airport to catch our flight back to Malaysia. I was so ready to go back to my home country at that time!

We reached Malaysia on Monday morning, and my cousin and husband was already waiting fr me since 8ish. :) 

I will put up the photos here soon.....