20 December 2011

Inai --> Nail polish?

It has been 11 days and the inai (henna) that I wore for my solemnization ceremony has faded and looks like nail polish. The design on both of my hands has totally faded, only left on the nails. I guess I better look for the real henna leaves next time - for my reception day, not a second marriage! haha..  :)

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19 December 2011

Bizarre fact of my solemnization date/time

When I was writing the previous post, I just realized 1 bizarre fact. When adding up the number of my solemnization date, it is equal to the time we were officially married. 

10. 12. 11 (date)
10 . 1+2 . 1+1 =====> 10 . 3 2 am (time)

Well, isn't it weird. :) I hope it brings luck anyhow. 

15 December 2011


10 Dec 2011 , at 10:32 am sharp, I wasofficially declared as wife to my long-time-bf/fiance Mr Azmal. Moskito :) Alhamdulillah, syukur kepada Ilahi setelah segala rintangan dan dugaan yg diberikan, akhirnya kami selamat diijab kabul. Can't really tell and explain the feeling, only happy tears shown how grateful and thankful we were on that day. We went thru so many difficult moments, almost give up a few times, but ppl always say kalau ada jodoh tk ke mana, and I now truly believe that statement. Now, what we need to do is to adapt to our new lives as hubby and wifey, maintain or even build a stronger relationship, support or a better word is complete each other. Insyaallah. 

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01 December 2011

The Merchant Daughter: wear it your way