29 April 2009

Warehouse sale - crazee buying act

last sunday there was a "Sony Crazy Warehouse Clearance Sales "..mmg fit lah dgn subject sale tu...crazeee...not the sale but the ppl...and i was one of them... :P i didn't even survey the price for I thought that the warehouse sale surely will offer you more good prices compared the the current market value...and the thoughts of that led me to buy a camera...yes i was looking for 1 due to I've a lot of trip/vacation coming up all in this year, and my handphone camera does not capture very good/sharp picture..so,i bought Sony W120 cybershot series for 700 with the 4GB memory card and the casing.. all for $700...i wasn't sure that i've got a good price, but I think more or less same as the market price...hmm, rasa2 nya this was the easiest and fastest decision I made before I buy anything.... sbb konon2 nya sale for 2 hours....damn it, tipu ja..at that time there was a lot of ppl, and some of the stocks finished earlier like mp3 player 512mb for $79 (i think this is a worth buy)... so sbb kelam kabut sgt2 terus ja capai camera tu and swipe my credit card...hmm, what to do laaa....dah beli, so guna ja la... ;P anyhow, its in my fav color - PINK...so I knida like it, with a lil bit of regret for not surveying the price before I buy...so, ingat kawan2, jgn terburu2 kalau ada sale2 ni, vetter survey for the price... ;-)

24 April 2009

Pins & Roses

Last Sunday, I had a bowling match...it's an annual company activities, so I can say that I only bowl once a yr....but my score was not bad, at least my score has 3 numbers :) Usually every yr, we will win Most-Creative team, but this yr malas nk buat extravagan sgt2 sbb ramai org suka ckp blkg...so no problem, we still wear uniform-like but simple only ;-)
So here're some pics from that day.. and also from previous years..hehe

2009 - Pins & Roses
(as in Guns & Roses...hehe)

2008 - CIM Angels
(CIM is our dept name)

Ana is wearing A
Nurul is wearing N
Renetha is wearing G
Norzie is wearing E
Lynn is wearing L

2007 - QueensPin
(see the lil crowns on our head... ;-)

22 April 2009


my car's left side mirror has been hit by some jerk !!! and i had to spend RM58 for it! CURSES .....!! @#$@#%$@%!!!!!!!!!!!

21 April 2009

Found the Meowsss ;-)

Yesterday me and Ksham did Rescue Operation ...hehe..also get some help from our neighour.. ;-) the kittens are all very dirty since they;ve lived in the bush for some days...hmm nak bg mandi pun tk boleh lg coz they're still small...

20 April 2009

MamaMeow and the kittens have gone missing.... :(

the cat+her kittens have been left by somebody some day around past few weeks..since then they all live in front of my rental hse in kulim...1 fine day,when i arrived at home from work I found 4 lil kittens in my hse yard...they were all sitting in a small box that just fit 4 of them...so CUTTEEE!at that time, the mother was not there, and i was damn worried that the kittens will all die since they can't eat by their own yet..i even tried to feed them with full cream milk...and soon after that the mother cat came back and sat infront of my hse door while wathcing me trying to fed her kittens..oh,actually she went to look for food...i was so relieved once I saw her at that time...Afew days after, me and y hsemates that originally didn't like cats+ kittens...So they were named MamaMeow,BabyMiu,Owen(that supposed to be called as Oren),Bubu(stands for Kelabu, but my hsemates all call her Penyu coz she can't walk preperly)and Puteh@Miki(Miki as in Mickey Mouse coz she's all white and her ears are black.. ;)
Last Friday, all of them went missing ..My hsemate called me while I was still in the ofc since I stayed back till 8pm on that day...They tried to cook rice+fish just to persuade MamaMeow to come and bring the kittens back...when I arrived home,KakSham(my hsemate) showed me the location where she believed the kittens were placed by MamaMeow..in a big bush..at that time it was dark, so we couldn't see them or hear their voices..suddenly I saw MamaMeow being chased by 3 'Pirate'Male cats...Damn!They were the reasons MamaMeow felt dangerous to leave the kittens in front of the hse...I managed to chase 2 of the stray cats away... We'll try to look for them again today...so wish us luck!

14 April 2009

mini-Triathlon.. :)

pergh...smlm mmg hari sukan..hehe...dah mcm Triathlon pulak....mula2 p main beskal kt gym , then p lari atas treadmill ulak...lepas tu terjun pool buat kuak lentang, hehehe...tk la..poyo ja...swim skit2 tu pun dh mengah2... :P lepas tu pi melalak kt karaoke... penuh activity smlm...! mcm weekend la pulak...kehkeh...


"A triathlon is an endurance sports event consisting of running, biking, and swimming over various distances. As a result, proficiency in swimming, cycling, or running
alone is not sufficient to guarantee a triathlon athlete a competitive time, trained triathletes have learned to race each stage in a way that preserves their energy and endurance for subsequent
stages. In most modern triathlons, these events are placed back-to-back in immediate sequence and a competitor's official time includes the time required to "transition" between the individual legs of the race, including any time necessary for changing clothes and shoes."

09 April 2009

Pantas & Garang 4 ;)

For those dah tgk muvi ni mesti tau cerita apa kalau tgk subject kt atas tu...hehe...Fast & Furious 4...lawak la masuk2 ja nmpk translation dia --> panas & garang 4..the story? hmm, ok la, action-packed movie and for those who have been following the sequels,you guys sure won't miss this too right...i think there's another upcoming sequel for this movie,(hmm, suddenly found this info >> FF5 is still at an early stage<<>http://fast-and-furious-4-trailer.blogspot.com/) since ending dia pun mcm tergantung sikit, biasa la diorang ni nk buat duit, mcm yusof haslam tu, kalau boleh nk buat sampai sembilu 8... :p

overall, it's a gr8 muvi eventho i'm not into fast cars, wild+sexy gals (hehe) etc..I think you guys will go and watch it without any hesitations ;-) it's a light-thinking movie...no need to think so hard as the movie contents and the jalan cerita is all very clear and easy to understand...but for <18yrs>

06 April 2009

...old macDevil is not here....E.I.E.I.Oooo...

old macdevil is not here e.i.e.i.oooo...
on his farm he has some cows...e.i.e.i.oooo...
and there was a moo..moo.. here...
and there was a moo..moo.. there...
here moo...there moo...everywhere a moo moo...
old macdevil is not here e.i.e.i.oooo...

old macdevil is not here e.i.e.i.oooo...
and his cows are not running here and there e.i.e.i.oooo...
and there's no moo moo here...and there's no moo moo there...
here no moo, there also no moo...everywhere no moo..moo?
they just sit around coz no one to be impressed... e.i.e.i.oooo...

04 April 2009

blackheads gone...

Baru je abis my facial session and the irritating looking blackheads and whiteheads are gone...yay!! kan bagus kalau jadi lelaki ...tk yah la nk risau2 pasai open pores la , darkcircle la, imbalance skin color...some of them don even know what are blackheads...hey...lucky them!

today is special day for someone special to me but he doesn't even bother to reply my sms last night and this morning whicha has made me mad and sad at the same time... org dah la tgh emo ni...smlm a bad day at d ofc, hmm...anyway i just wanna wish that someone a gr8 yr ahead, many happy returns, semoga Allah panjangkan umurnya dan dimurahkan rezeki, dan semoga semua yang diimpikan akan tercapai....Happy Birthday ...once again

03 April 2009

i am still in d ofc....

i am still in da ofc.... and the clock shows 8:58pm and the calendar shows it's Friday! grrr...
just came out from FAB to do the @!#@!$ new EI testing.... just finished writing the test summary and sent out to the user..i'm hungry and stressful and aggravated...
9:10pm...... just received a call for EI issues!....set me freeeeee plsss...!!

It has been so long since..

It has been so long since I wrote my last blog...I've blogged everywhere...from Friendster, Myspace to Xanga..I even created this blogspot acc sometimes ago, but i totally forgot the login info and even the email I'd used to register...hehe....I wanna blog again,this time around-only in here :) ...I'll try to find time to jot some pieces of my mind daily if I've time... ;-) so, pls welcome me back here...

Now the clock shows 9:22, starting of the day. Just now I came to Kulim from SP, to send my dad to Butterworth coz he's taking flight to Sabah later..his friend will be going with him to the airport..so guess what time I woke up? 530am! and now I'm sleepy...ZZZZzzzzZZzzz... gotto go get some stimulating beverage -- COFFEE...let's have some.. :)