14 July 2010

Weekend = bday Nurul + WC final

Nurul's bday falls on 12th Jul the same date as WC final, so it can be considered as 1 of her greatest bday gift of all (she said so...heheee). That night me, Lyn, Ksham, Abg Mad and Sunther brings her out for dinner at Chillis @ gurney. We had big posh dinner lah that night. ;) I had bacon burger, Nurul mushroom burger, Lyn 'i-forgot-what' burger and Ksham and Abg Mad shared a plate of fajita (nasib baik share coz it is a very big portion for 1 person) and Sunther had Chic grill (I think so...dh lupa). After dinner, photo and crazy jokes sessions we headed to Eastin Hotel which I had pre-book for our WC final show! hehee.. tkde la book apa pun just that I have a close friend's hubby working there - Syima's hubby - Najib, so senang la nk arrange ;) nasib baik la ada diorg, if not sure no place coz the lounge area mmg limited for the big crowd that went there on that night. Even tho none of the teams is my fav one, but I enjoyed the time I spent with all my friends watching and arguing over the games. :D

11 July 2010

Eclipse finally 'ere!

Today I went to see Eclipse at Sunway Carnival-alone. Lyn,"aku nk kemas brg nk pindah" -ok she's moving out from that hse in Kulim so a bit bz. Nurul,"aku tk tgk lg part 2, nanti aku tk paham"- betul jgk, so I decided to lend her my dvd, tp tk bg lagi. Hm, since ramai yg busy, I went alone. I was supposed to watch it on Friday (dah beli tiket since Tue, burn la that tix) but I was not feeling well, in fact I was on MC-demam+flu+sorethroat,now still recovering, even when I go juz now, I was still sick. :P But tak leh tunggu any longer to see the movie since I read the book already. Well, it was great but the book is so much more intriguing, biasa la msti lg detail and movie they need to skip some parts, kalau tak jadi la movie 10jam kot :)

After movie, I went to hv lunch at BBQChic-alone. I was planning to hv lunch with Lyn but she said another 1 hr fr her to arrv. I was really starving since I didn't take bfast. Aftr fin, I went to Popular to search for 'The Host' by Stephanie Meyer, but it's sold out, DEM! But the book is still available in Megamall, I might get it on Tue/Wed kot masa lunch or aftr work. Hope still ada.

Lyn arrv at 320 as she said earlier. We went to search for Nurul's bday gift, and bought the wrappers and card. Selesai semua tu, teman Lyn lunch at Nandos. Aftr fin mkn, and a few pictures snap over there and dah kena renungan tajam dr waiter2 Nandos, kitorang pun blah, p Optical 88 cari lens ;) Bought 2 pairs, actually ada promo buy 2 box, free 3rd one. So lyn take 1 box, me 2. So cheap 3 boxes for RM100! My power nye dah sold out, so need to wait til Wed. Can't wait to wear my Cullens-color lens, br lah ngam kalau tgk Eclipse the next time. Haha...yes, I want to watch it again fr sure!