28 August 2012

Passport renewal process / Proses memperbaharui paspot - Malaysia

While writing this, I'm still at the immigration office at Sri Rampai, Wangsamaju. Selama ni asyik dgr org ckp "renew passport cepat ja... Tk smp 2jam dh siap" and i'm already here waiting for my no to be called since 3 hours ago. Huhuuu... Ramai umat manusia smp nak ambik no giliran pn kena beratur smp 20mins.

I've tried to use the smart kiosk but it can't read my IC. -_-'

Anyway if you want to use the kiosk you need to bring along:
1. Old passport
2. Original IC
3. Photocopy of IC
4. 2 pieces of your recent passport photo. And the photo must comply to these rules:
- baju / tudung tak bole color biru
- tk bole pakai contact lens color
- tk bole pakai cap / kopiah / glasses dn sbgnya
- rambut tk bole menutupi mata dan muka

5. And of coz, money $$$

Kalau nak renew kat kaunter, u must have all of the mentioned items except for photocopy of IC.

Sebelum ambil no giliran make sure you fill in the "borang permohonan paspot", if not they will not give you the no.

1 thing I notice while I'm here, obviously jab imigresen need a bigger screen or the no giliran display: currently only 2 numbers can b displayed. It makes the idling counters to wait for the number that they pressed to appear and being called. From my observation, it takes almost 1 min for the next person to be at the counter. Tu tk termasuk lg kalau org tu mat ngot and lembab n catwalk nk jln p kat kaunter tu. And the numbers are not only for renewal and new passport. It also being used by the cashier counter and also kaunter serahan. Nasib baik la machine yg dok panggil no ni, kalau manusia jenuh tekeluaq anak tekak dok sebut no.

Oh well, after 3+ hours of waiting, ada lagi 40 org. Tu belum lg ke kauter bayaran dan serahan. Pukui brp aku bole masuk ofc pn tktau la... :'(

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