01 October 2013

Cuti2 Malaysia - Penang

My morning view from flight, Subhanallah

I have never been to Penang.....as a tourist.. being a half Penangites (mom comes from Georgetown, Penang) I always drive around Penang to visit relatives and I never really bothered to visit attraction spots there, until recently.

It was a last min plan, hubs had ot go to Sarawak for a show. At 1st me and Nurul wanted to plan going out of Msia but the tickets were all expensive. I decided to just go to Penang , as a tourist :)

So I bought AA ticket from KL-Png and Malindo from Png-KL. Took the 1st flight at 650am from LCCT, reason being is the ticket was the cheapest :D Luckily hubs flight to Sarawak was at 8, so we went to LCCT together.

I arrived Penang at about 7-ish. Syima and Rizal was already there to fetch me. Syima took the day off just to bring me jalan2 :D So sweet of her. We went straight to China House cafe to send Rizal to his workplace. Then Syima brought me to Nasi Kandar Kg Melayu which I've been longing for since quite sometimes.

Nasi kandaq kg melayu

Stomach cravings fulfilled. We both headed back to Rizal's cool cafe , China House. I explored the whole cool building that I never realized it ever existed before. Well, since I'm now living in KL, I barely know all those new and happening stuff happening in Penang. Sigh.

there's a bear in my coffee :)
Me feeling artsy and all. I had Milo cake

While waiting for Rizal to finish his shift, me and Syima walked around the cafe area to take pictures of the famous street arts that are currently hyped in instagram. I've seen then apparently but as I said, I never bothered to stop and take pictures with them, even som eof the arts are really pretty close to my late granny's house at Lebuh Acheh. Just few metres away :)

Art piece just outside of China house

Inside China House compound

China House
Art piece just outside of China house

Art piece just outside of China house. This is Skippy - China House owner's cat :) 

Once Rizal shift was over they brought me to Padang Kota Lama to eat mee sotong power. I've had that before but it was a long time ago. Remember my mom always brought me there when we lived in Penang several (20yrs) back and the stall was already there at that time. It certainly bring back those memories...
Mee Sotong Padang Kota Lama

Then we headed back to town area and did a cafe hunt. There are a lot of cool cafes in Penang, and most of them just recently opened and operated. Some of them that i remembered going was Moustache Cafe and Mugshot. I certainly love the bagel at Mugshot, I bet it tastes good because it was prepared in a traditional way. Let the picture speaks...

Yummy Bagel and Coffee

Me and dearest Syima

Mugshot Cafe

Moustache Cafe
Moustache Cafe
Moustache Cafe

After whole day pampering (more to torturing) my stomach, finally Nurul came and fetched me and we reached her house at Butterworth abt midnight.

Next early morning, we went to eat roti canai at Argyll street. I'm not sure tho why it is so famous as I think the taste is not so much different from the rest of the mamak's.

Roti canai and its gooey gulai(curry)

Not having any plan, we walk by the nearby streets and bought myself some scarf and Indan cotton shirt for Azmal and some kaftans for mom. Then we headed to Georgetown to continue on street art searching and photo-snapping.

This street art s just few metres away from my grandma's house in Lebuh Acheh.

We wanted to make a visit to some historical place and decided to go to Cheong Fatt Tze's mansion that is so visible from the road with its beautiful vibrant blue colored painted walls. We missed the mornign show so we had to wait for about an hour for the next show. We saw some pakcik beca and decided to take a ride to somewhere else while waiting for the next showtime.

Pakcik lancha (we call beca as lancha in utara) brought us to Penang traditional chinese house (I forgot the real name) but the entrace fee is RM20 so we decided not to go in. We are cheapskates people haha. Then he brought us to Chocolate museum and then go through little india before headed back to the mansion.

Beca ride was fun!
Chocolate Museum

After that, Nurul brought me to Chowrasta to buy some jeruk and eat (again) :)

Cendol "Ais Tingkap"

The best cucoq udang in town

Then, we went to visit Syima at her place. She worked at Macalister Mansion. It's kinda luxurious hotel which I can't afford to stay , but no doubt it's a beautiful place. 

Macalister Mansion

Then we had dinner at nasik tomato which I can't remember the place name. It was delicious. After having the dinner, me and Nurul went back to Nurul's house.
Nasik tomato sebelah IPD

Early morning Nurul asked me if I wanted to have breakfast outside. Without taking bath, we headed out to a very old kopitiam called Luan Fong Kopitiam nearby Bee Chew in Butterworth. I had roti bakar (the best one I had in my life, I even ordered 3 sets) Nurul had beef kueteow. *Meleleh ayaq liuq sambil dok type ni

The best Roti bakar in the whole wide world

Below is me, haing to do 1 last activity before I went back to KL on that night, which is swimming at Nurul's condo.

My flight was around 9pm, we pushed off a bit early as Nurul wanted to bring me to eat mee udang. Actually the famous stall would be Salwa but Nurul said Ayu's is better, so we had 1 big bowl of mee udang each.

Mee Udang Ayu

My 2 best buddies - Nurul and Syima sending me off at Penang Airport...sobs sobs.. 

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