27 September 2012

An ideal Wed evening

My Visa application? Oh I failed for 2 times. Yeah you read it right. TWO times. Apparently the embassy has tighten the rules to approve for the B1/B2 visa category (business and travel ). After the 1st time it was rejected I've told the boss not to try for the same category again but they wouldn't listen. They insist on trying again because all my friends who went for OJT previously applied for the same category and they passed. So yeah I went for the 2nd time...and as predicted both me and Kumi failed to get the visa. Kumi even got the same interviewer and he even said "Hey I saw u last 2 weeks" and then passed her applciation form to the other interviewer.. hmmm... ok at least I will not be bonded for a year here? Resume update soon mayb? ahaha..

Yesterday was an ideal Wed evening, right after I've completed the Japanese Beginner I level :) I even scored A for the exam. Hehe. I was so nervous the whole day trying to memorize those hiragana and the vocabs! Phew! Luckily I passed. And to celebrate it, I asked hubby to accompany me to the newly opened H&M store that everyone is currently talking about since its grand opening day. The store is located at Lot10 which is just a few meters away from Fahrenheit88 where my language class is. We went there at 9+ and I presumed it wouldn't be crowded since it was almost closed, BUT I was wrong. The queue was long for both cash counters and fitting rooms. Hmm..I didnt queue up for fitting until the line was short. Hehe drp tunggu lama2 dlm line baik aku cuci mata dlu. Mata berpinar tgk all those pretty yet affordable cloths! I only managed to catch a blouse and a loop scarf. And hubby got a pair of pants. H&M is definitely my favorite new store! :) 

Lepas gila bershopping, we went to try the samurai burger that everyone (hmm well not everyone but many ppl I guess :D ) is currently talking about too. Not bad, I actually like it! Samurai baga - oishi desu! :) 

:: Completed Nihongo beginner class I ::

:: With sensei and classmates ::

:: Samurai Baga ::

:: H&M rawks ::

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